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Map based on entries: 2018-01-04: 456 individuals, 456 geocodable places of birth, 456 geocodable places of death Database updated: 25-02-2020: 6.942 individuals Contact: Pauline Berens Home Page: Collectie Broer Berens Barger-Compascuum

pauline berens homepage This Google Map is in an experimental free stage, so it's gray. But it works:-)
Click button Start to show markers. Click a marker to show info per person. The Heat Map indicates frequency of places of birth.
2020-02-25: The database update to 6.942 personen does not effect maps and stats
2018-01-18: From now on I'll lookup placenames at instead of
2018-01-04: 456 People born, lived or died in Barger-Compascuum, their parents, partners, children and children in law. The lines connect their individual place of birth and place of death.

Why just these 456 people, why not all 3155? That's something I'm still trying to find out. Just 16% geocoded places are poor results. Timeline is used to geocode places in a GEDCOM which has info on 3155 persons. The GEDCOM is a ProGen export of a selection as described above on Januari 4th 2018. New arrivals to Barger-Compascuum added to ProGen until about 1880. I already removed special characters like ü and ö in place names, like in Rütenbrock and Sögel as Timeline didn't recognize these places otherwise. And there's this daily limit of a free Google Map API key. I might split up the GEDCOM in some smaller files sometime and let Timeline do the geocoding again. I'm thinking of how to improve migration visualization, a map per decade of births would be nice, or include children's places of birth to the lines to indicate their parents' migration, making the lines polylines:-)